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How Can Eco-Friendly Apparel Be Both Recycled and Stylish?


Do not judge a book by its cover but the look you're wearing while you are reading it. 

Superficial minds are individuals concerned with surface-level details, those who focus on the external, often disregarding the deeper, more complex aspects of life, seen as shallow and not bright, but could there be more? 


Culture is the knowledge, the history behind it, created by humans and  it’s the highest possible ideal for human development.


To elevate culture, is to enhance its value, to make it more visible, more appreciated, and more influential. 


Superficial minds, with their focus on the visible, the tangible, the aesthetically pleasing, are often the ones who appreciate culture the most, from a different perspective than anybody else - They appreciate the beauty of a painting, the rhythm of a dance, the melody of a song, the elegance of a sculpture, the narrative of a film.


The fashion industry, the music industry, the film industry all thrive on the superficial, yet they are undeniable pillars of our culture. They shape our perception of the world.


Superficiality and culture, rather than being at odds, are in fact deeply interconnected, each one influencing and elevating the other in a continuous dance of give and take. 


Being superficial, being interested and have a knowledge in anything that is not "important" to them, being joked about of not being smart enough, of not being intelligent enough - well who said you can't be both, who said knowing something and being good at something that might now be crucial to everybody is being superficial. 


With Superficial Culture, we want to change that and make anybody feel welcomed and acknowledged, to create a community of people that don't mind being superficial because we all know that being superficial comes when you know enough, have enough culture to be you in a community where individuals embrace their Superficial Culture. 


Be superficial, be culture, be you.


Our company believes in:


◦    We're all about eco-consciousness!  We exclusively utilize recycled, recyclable, and organic materials, ethical means of production, and put as much back into the Earth as we take from it. As a small business, we're determined to prioritize our planet, because every little effort adds up, just like drops in the ocean. We collaborate only with people, factories, and companies that share our wish of making the future a better one


◦    Say goodbye to plastic! When you receive your order, rest assured, there's no plastic in our packaging, just our iconic tote bag. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries out there – and we want to be a part of changing that. You should be able to build a wardrobe that makes you feel good and is good for the planet too.


◦    We're inclusive! Our designs are gender-neutral because we believe fashion should be for everybody and no brand is sustainable if it isn’t inclusive.


◦    Authentically Italian! All our products hail from Italy because when it comes to food and fashion, nobody does it better than the Italians. Our designs aren't swayed by fleeting trends; they're timeless treasures.


◦    We're breaking free from size norms! Our clothing is sizeless because we want everyone to relish the unique experience of adorning our creations without worrying about numbers or labels. With only two fits: SC and CS, we aim to celebrate and include everyone, ensuring nobody feels left out or worries about it.




Superficial culture, the unusual take on eco-friendly apparel  - recycled yet not basic
Superficial Culture

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